This website and the individuel pages are constantly being optimised to relevant internet traffic. We are currently receiving on average 120 visitors a day to the website. If you want to advertise your services as a tantric practitioner, advertise your workshops or or tantric resource then this is what we offer:

Practitioner Advertising Package

  • Dedicated optimised webages about you and the great work you do.
  • 1 Months free advertising trial period
  • When you start you get promotion via our Facebook, Twitter and mailing list. As well a strong visual positioning on the website.
  • No minimum advertising period. Cancel with 1 months notice
  • Unlimited content updates.
  • For practitioners we show you how we can protect your identity online so your tantric work does not cross other with your other work.

Practitioners Advertising Cost

The cost of advertising vaires to the work you do. We want you to benefit from being on our website. Some people charge more for their work than others and some people do this type of work part time. As such we can customise a advertising package that is suitable for you. We want to create Win-Win arrangements. The advertising cost is based upon the income this website generates for you. So you won't pay until you get clients. Then we fix a fee that is affordable and inline with your work. This ranges from £10 - £35 a month.

Our Promotional Network

We use a growing Facebook, Twitter and Mailing list community of followers to promote our members. All these followers have "Opted-in" so their interest is relevant. The community currently stands at an audience of 300 followers.

How to Advertise

Begin by emailing us, Tell us about you, what you do and where you do it. We will then make begin a dialogue where we explain what information to send us and how we will optimise your web presence to get you the most enquiries.