Earth Spirit Centre Compton Dundon - Somerset

Chocolate Love Temple logoJust five miles from Glastonbury, on the edge of Compton Dundon village in Somerset, EarthSpirit lies within the ‘temenos’ (sacred enclosure) of Avalon.

The centre is situated in a beautiful landscape next to two nature reserves; and just two minutes walk from St Andrew’s church, which has within its cemetery a yew tree over 1,700 years old. The seventeenth century farm buildings have been restored and specially converted for use as a venue. They are set within seven acres of fields and gardens.

The complex is based around a converted 52’ (15.5m) long barn, with oak timbers, reed torching (lining the inside of the roof) and stone walls. The feeling is medieval but with modern comforts such as under-floor heating and a large woodstove. The high roof and skylights create a light, airy atmosphere

inside yurt

Residential & Catering

Various outbuiding areas have been converted into sleeping quarters for 50 beds and there is also camping on site. A large kitchen is availabe for catering groups and most of the food is sourced locally.

Events, courses & workshops

Earth Spirit Centre has a very active program of events and courses and have been a host for tantra groups for many years. Every so often they open their spa and sauna for Community Spa Days.