Residential Retreat in North Somerset

Jade Egg Woman

Liberate your YES to life!
Reclaim your roots and blossom open to your full sensual potential!

When we suffer trauma we contract, and our birthright of a massive YES to life shrinks. And each time the trauma trigger is reactivated our YES to life contracts and our NO to life expands. We start to simply survive rather than thrive.

In the taoist tradition this trauma is said to be held in the Water energy of the Kidneys and adrenals, and, if not properly understood and healed, leads to irrational fears, phobias, self doubt, anxiety, procrastination, overwhelm, low libido and other sexual irregularities which can seriously impede our enjoyment of life. The taoist tradition understands that the Kidneys and adrenals constitute our original essence (or sexual energy) and so has developed over thousands of years practical tools for dealing with imbalances in this area. If the Kidneys are out of balance then this will of course have a knock on effect on the other major organs, including its following organ, the Liver relating to Spring time and holding responsability for the smooth flow of Qi around the body, including the smooth flow of our emotions and sexual function.

In this weekend, which coincides with the season of Spring (the Wood Element), we will be diving into the most yin depths of our feminine selves to explore, embrace and surrender the roots of non-serving patterns stored in our sexual organs. We will gently nourish and cultivate our Kidney energy (sexual essence) for rejuvenation and vitality. We will liberate our and nourish our Wood energy, our Liver energy. This gives us strong sustainable roots to grow, blossom and move forwards with our dreams, sensuality and creative projects;

We’ll be learning to balance our Fire and Water energies in our bodies, our masculine and feminine poles, ie we’ll be melting the ‘contracting freeze’ of the Kidneys with the Fire of the Heart.

Trauma sufferers have a tendency to not inhabit their bodies and so we will be practicing powerful ways to ground, centre and enjoy being in our beautiful bodies, including:

  • Simple qi gong exercises (flowing energy movements)
  • Qi self massage
  • Meditations, incl. Kidney & Adrenal Breathing, six healing sounds emotional rebalancing
  • Activating pathways to circulate our essential energy (MicroCosmic Orbit)
  • The sacred healing art of the Jade Egg.

This women’s retreat will help you embrace your life, your body, your sexuality and thus your creativity with a whole hearted YES.

Come liberate your full potential with like-minded practitioners and understand how the taoist practices can help you and your clients.

What you will gain as a practitioner for yourself:

  • Enhanced vitality through nourishing the Kidney energy
  • Greater connection to both your physical and energy body
  • Enhanced capacity to heal yourself through cultivating and circulating chi and ovarian energy
  • Greater sense of calmness and centredness
  • Self empowerment, both sexually and in terms of looking after your own general health
  • Improved pelvic health
  • Enhanced sensitivity and, with practise, greater potential to be multi orgasmic and experience whole body orgasms
  • Effective methods for balancing emotions and for releasing old trauma symptoms as well as moving through anger and old stuck patterns.
  • A beautiful healing and empowering practice for yourself (The Jade Egg and its foundation practices)

Who is this retreat suitable for?

Any health professional who has a keen interest in deepening their understanding of how women’s sexual health and healing could enhance their personal practice, as well as their own self development. For example PST therapists, women’s health physiotherapists, counsellors, as well as sacred sexual practitioners, body workers, energy healers, yoga/pilates instructors and people interested in working with taoism

Where are the retreats held?

Just five miles from Glastonbury, on the edge of Compton Dundon village in Somerset, EarthSpirit Centre lies within the "temenos" (sacred enclosure) of Avalon. The centre is situated in a beautiful landscape next to two nature reserves; and just two minutes walk from St Andrew's church, which has within its cemetery a yew tree over 1,700 years old. The seventeenth century farm buildings have been restored and specially converted for use as a venue. They are set within seven acres of fields and gardens.

Retreat Location & Dates

When:22nd - 25th Aril 2016
Location:Earth Spirit Centre, Compton Dundon near Glastonbury
Cost: £ 275 non-residential includes dinner Friday and lunches Saturday, Sunday and Monday, plus hot drinks all day.
£ 375 residential includes as above with overnight accommodation and extra dinners on Saturday & Sunday.
Members of the Glastonbury Tantric Temple will receive a special discount

How To Book Your Place

Contact us for booking details. We will then be in touch with full joining instructions and to hear about your experience and questions.