Tantra therapist & Practitioner DEVELOPMENT RETREATS

Improve your skills and knowledge and experience for yourself

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Here at the Academy of Sexual Healing Arts, we are passionate about supporting practitioners to grow personally and professionally in their practice and as such, offer a selection of continuous professional development (CDP) workshops and retreats to encourage this.

Continuous Professional Development is a membership requirement for professional associations, ASIS for example, requires members to log a minimum of 30 hours per year, therefore it is imperative that practitioners have access to stimulating workshops to enrich their practice profile.

We are continually researching what practitioners would like to explore more deeply, to enhance their enjoyment in their work and to deepen their understanding and personal journey into Tantra and welcome practitioners and teachers of varied disciplines, to offer us relevant suggestions to assist us with this.

The unique quality of our Academy CPD training program, is that all courses and retreats are specifically tailored to the needs of sex therapists and somatic practitioners. This professional title covers a broad range of practitioners who have different approaches for their sexual healing work but all share this very unique and often challenging profession. Therefore it is imperative that practitioners are able to access peer support at CPD events and feel safe to discuss their practice openly with trainers who understand the nature of the work.

Open to Tantra therapists & practitioners

If you already are an existing Sexual healing practitioner and you are interested attending one of these workshops, then please email us for more information. We are able to offer a subsidised price for existing practitioners and there are some bursary places available on all our training courses. Members of the Glastonbury Tantric Temple can attend the workshops at a reduced price.

Who teaches the events?

These CPD trainings will be taught by an experienced teacher who will bring their depth of knowledge from decades of experience of working with sacred sexuality

Retreats or Workshops?

Sometimes a weekend workshop just isn't enough time to relax and experience the deeper enrichment of these advanced teachings . Retreat CPD's offer a unique opportunity to take refreshing time out from busy lives and at the same explore new themes to enhance your professional practices and gain support from peers.


Glastonbury Tor


We are hosting a series of 3 CPD retreats for female practitioners in North Somerst during the winter of 2015/16. Each retreat will be facilitated by a female teacher specialising in sexual heath and healing, from their individual area of expertise and interest, thus enabling practitioners to journey within to awaken new and hidden treasures whilst having fun.

The aim of our CPD retreats is:

  • To offer a supported space, away from everyday life pressures, to replenish our core energy, whilst developing new ideas to enhance professional practice.
  • To regain inner balance, as the combination between life and work can sometimes knock us sideways into exhaustion and feelings of overload.
  • To achieve necessary self-development with relaxation and pleasure, as we are so often rushing, not only to complete our daily tasks but also to tick the boxes of our self-development.
  • To give ourselves the gift of time out and be cared for and supported in this process.
  • To open our minds to stimulation and our hearts to sharing with fellow practitioners.

Making new friends, swapping stories and sharing with colleagues who support the nature of female sexual healing. No need to explain, justify or hide what we do but instead, celebrate the depth of our commitment to our health and healing.

Each retreat includes:

  • 3 days of Teaching and facilitation of juicy material, lots of personal enrichment, deep relaxation and fun times in the company of like minded peers.
  • The journey begins on Friday after lunch, untill lunch on Monday, in a warm and nurturing environment in North Somerset.

CPD Retreat Schedule

Attend all 3 CPD Retreats and get a 10% discount

Mary Magdelene
Grail Womb Awakening

Journey with Mary Magdelene

11th - 13th Mar 2016
Women naken
Sacred Body Awakening

Women only

19th - 20th Mar 2016
Jade Egg
Taoist Sexual Healing for Women

Say "YES" to Life!

22th - 25th Apr 2016

Where are the retreats held?

Just five miles from Glastonbury, on the edge of Compton Dundon village in Somerset, EarthSpirit Centre lies within the "temenos" (sacred enclosure) of Avalon. The centre is situated in a beautiful landscape next to two nature reserves; and just two minutes walk from St Andrew's church, which has within its cemetery a yew tree over 1,700 years old. The seventeenth century farm buildings have been restored and specially converted for use as a venue. They are set within seven acres of fields and gardens.

We look forward to hearing from you.